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We can’t say that here at Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners in Mid North we aren’t pet lovers, and even though they can perhaps leave their own “marks” in our homes – we have something to deal with that too. Our revolutionary cleaning product known as P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) eliminates pet odours in places where your pet has had an accident or marked specific territory. This is essential as if left untreated the odour can not only permeate the house, but may result in repeated incidents if not completely cleaned with all traces of odour removed.

Chem-Dry Mid North also has specialised techniques and products for keeping your tiles and grout sparkling with a long lasting shine. No need to be on your knees scrubbing the stone and grout, when you could call in one of experts. Our products not only clean, but protect and seal your tiled areas as well. The products also work on a variety of stone surfaces, including ceramics, porcelain, marble, granite and many more – All with using The Natural® non toxic & safe components.

So whether it a spilt wine accident, or a full spring clean Chem-Dry Mid North is who to call whenever you need help.

As part of a 3500 plus franchise group Chem-Dry Mid North is required to adhere to a certified training regime, and our employees and staff attend annual training sessions to ensure our knowledge and expertise stays at the forefront of any technology or changes in the cleaning arena. Due to the quick drying process our trustworthy staff will be in and out of your home with little inconvenience to you or your family.

Our training includes a five star masters training course, and our on-going customer testimonials is evidence of our top class service that we offer.

We are dedicated to leaving you home and furniture cleaner, and smelling as beautiful as ever. Whether it is your home, office or guesthouse Chem-Dry Mid North are the experts to call.

Your carpet or upholstery cleaning is only as good as your service provider.