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Mid North Carpet Cleaners

Why Choose Chem-Dry – Mid North? In short it is because we are Drier, Cleaner & Healthier. Giving peace of mind to all our customers within Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs we provide carpet cleaning and other services to Edgemead, Goodwood, Parow, Pinelands, Tygerdal and other surrounding areas.

What makes us so different? – Our unique and patented carbonated system to clean carpets does not only result in cleaner carpets but due to using less water it’s healthier too. Imagine a million carbonated bubbles impenetrating all the hard to get areas of your carpets, rugs or upholstery, picking up all the dirt particles and gently lifting them out of the area. Your carpets will be dry within 1 – 2 hours. By not saturating your carpets with water there is no chance for mildew or mould to build up which will certainly make your carpets healthier.

Coupled with our using 80% less water than typical steam cleaners Chem-Dry Mid North has been using a safe non-toxic solution called (naturally) The Natural®. The Natural® is one of the purest carpet cleaning solutions available using ingredients taken straight from Mother Nature and ensuring the safety of both your children and pets.

But wait there’s more… – Chem-Dry Mid North also specialises in upholstery cleaning, Leather cleaning and refurbishment, Specialised stain removal, Tile & Grout cleaning and Pet odour removal. We are experts in stain removal on rugs and of course we also do drapery – without removing them.

Whether you have an Oriental or Persian rug our expert technicians can evaluate the situation to provide the safest most effective solution for your particular rug. Our specialised tools and equipment are designed for various materials including synthetic, wool, silk cotton and many other types.

Your lounge area is open to lots of traffic in the house whether it’s a beautiful leather lounge suite or a specific based material suite that needs a bit of attention – over time perspiration, body oils and just the everyday wear and tear can leave dark spots or stains on your leather upholstery. Children and pets also bring in soil or sand traces from outside which can scuff the leather finish.

It is important to first identify the leather/material type, which is done by one of our trained professionals and then enable them to select which products will be needed to not only clean and remove stains and build up, but also to protect it from further diminishing its value and beauty.